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"Healthy" Hot Chocolate!

If you enjoy the winter tradition of drinking hot chocolate but don't want your digestive system to suffer, and you want to keep the sugar down, you must try this recipe!


  • Almond milk, or other milk of choice, or even water will work (Recommended 12-14 oz per serving)

  • LMNT holiday mix (your taste buds can determine how much you want to add; anywhere from ½ a pack to a full pack)

  • 1 scoop of collagen (adds 9 grams of protein per scoop)

  • 1 scoop of MCT powder (known to fuel your brain!)


  1. Warm your liquid of choice, I recommend about 12-14 oz per person or serving.

  2. Add the collagen and MCT. Stir.

  3. Add your LMNT pack, which could be chocolate salt, chocolate mint, or chocolate caramel salt.

  4. Enjoy without any guilt! 😋

This is the perfect warm you up or a good go to, when craving a sweet treat. These things can also be added to your morning coffee! ☕️

*** Go to to get a free LMNT Sample Pack with any purchase. This offer is good for both new and returning customers. (DrinkLMNT is a zero-sugar electrolyte solution for people who want to stay hydrated but don’t want to put a lot of junk in their bodies.)

***For Bub's Collagen and MCT, type in "Marnie" for coupon code to receive 20% off

*** I also have these products available in my office and always sold at a discount, no code needed;)

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