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"When I sought Marnie’s help I had three issues that stymied medical doctors: a chronic cough, itchy arms and stomach aches. The cough was relentless and lasted on and off for over two decades. Medical doctors gave me pulmonary function tests and asthma tests and GERD tests all of which I passed with flying colors. Stomach aches I had suffered with since childhood. Gastroenterologists found nothing wrong with my stomach. My arms were so itchy that I couldn’t sleep at night. Dermatologists tested me for allergies; I had no allergic reactions.


Marnie changed my life. She did what no doctors could do. Within months of my first visit to Marnie, the cough was gone, the stomach aches were gone and the itch was gone. And as a side bonus, I lost several pounds which I wasn’t trying to do! Marnie did all of this just by changing my diet and introducing supplements into my daily regimen.


I can’t thank her enough.

Again, she changed my life by curing ailments that plagued me for years, something that medical doctors in three fields failed to do."


"I began with Marnie back in October for fatigue, weight gain, chronic anemia, brain fog and multiple other symptoms. I had previously seen a doctor for these issues and was told I had hypothyroidism and was put on thyroid medication. After a month, the medication stopped working and my symptoms were back. I did not want to keep taking medication that wasn't helping and my doctor was not giving me the time I felt was needed for my condition. That's when I was referred to Marnie. She was amazing! She sat with me for two hours getting my I was feeling and delving into my health history. I walked out of the appointment feeling so much better about this decision. I have now been seeing Marnie, for two months and I'm so pleased with the progress that's being made.

Go to What Is Health, you won't regret it!"

Shannon W.

"Marnie is my GO-TO for many nutritional questions and needs.

I appreciate her knowledge, honestly and efficiency.

Recently I asked Marnie about seasonal allergies;

she gave me a great recommendation and brought it to the gym the next day with my other vitamins.

I trust Marnie with my health and wellness."

Heather M.

"The care I have received at What Is Health has gone above and beyond my expectations. I am truly grateful for Marnie's services. In the past, I was turned away by gastroenterologists saying that I just had IBS and to take some fiber and see what happens (unacceptable). Through the correct testing and a comprehensive wellness plan, my digestive issues are COMPLETELY gone and I have turned around my overall health.

I truly recommend her services.

Thank you Marnie!”

Lauren P.

"We have one thing in life that is for sure, and that is we are in charge of our own well being, we are what we eat! Marnie has helped me realize that nutrition is important. She coaches in a kind nonjudgmental way. Beyond coaching you, she teaches you how to make better choices, reduce stress, and improve overall health. Marnie is my families go to for any health related issues. Marnie cares and is continually seeking to better herself through her clients. Marnie has changed my life. She is more than a functional Nutritionist, more than a coach, she becomes an integral part of your daily life. Daily, I thank her! "


"I started seeing Marnie because of the constant fatigue, even after a good night’s sleep. Joint pain was persistent, even though I was doing everything right in terms of stretching and cross training. And, on occasion I had stomach aches that would come and go for no apparent reason. Marnie’s approach to health and healing is just what I needed. An integrative approach to care, pro-active plus mindful of my whole body. Her approach is not the typical treat and prescribe method; instead she gives you the tools and information you need to take care of your whole self every day. I've had an incredible experience each session over the past 6 months. Marnie is warm and truly concerned with finding the root cause of your symptoms. I feel lucky to be under her guidance and recommend her to everyone!"

Cheryl S.

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