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Fall Clean Up 2023
Refresh, Rebalance, Renew

Program Details:

  • Kick Off Date!!! Monday, September 25th; 12pm Zoom Call (Recorded if you can not make this time)

    • Official Start to the Program - September 27th (time to get handouts and information to get yourself set up)​

    • 6 Total Zoom Call over the 6 weeks

      • Functional Nutrition Recorded Zoom Calls that will help you understand the science behind your hormones, immune system, metabolism, weight loss goals, food choices, stress and cortisol production, gut health and more!

  • End Date - November 7th (6 weeks)

  • Cost: $245 If you pay by 9/17, only $200!!! Sign up and pay today! 


You will get everything you need to succeed:

  • A Personalized Diet that is based on you and your goals - this will be determined by me with your guidance and given to you (may be tweaked over the 7 weeks depending on results you are looking for)

  • Handouts to support weekly meal planning for each week. 

  • A Weekly Challenge to help you focus on one specific lifestyle change beyond your own goals (things like being more mindful when sitting down to eat your food, or getting X amount of steps in a day/week, etc)

  • Weekly Zoom calls where I will discuss functional nutrition topics all will be recorded in case you miss.

  • Tips for setting goals and staying on track 

  • An online journal to help keep track of your food and mood (if you choose)

  • Accountability by accomplishing daily tasks

  • Professional Guidance I have been practicing for 10 years now and want to continue to share my knowledge of how the body works and ways to best support it when things get out of balance. 

  • Exercise Recommendations and requirements. Yes I will give you recommendations for exercise, as well as daily requirements, it will not be individualized, but as we know movement is a key player in overall health. 

  • A Support System where participants can share experiences, challenges, and successes.

  • Handouts on topics discussed

  • Supplement recommendations in regards to topics discussed as well as membership to my online supplement store, with access to Pharmaceutical grade supplements at a discount, FOREVER!

  • Blood work suggestions in regards to topics discussed

  • A Group dynamic that can not be described, without being a part of it!!! 

  • Closed Facebook Group for all communication

  • Focus on Gradual Change to support long term habits, instead of quick fixes.  

You will rewire your appetite,

turn off cravings, and find what foods

help you look, feel, and

perform your best!

FAQ's - your questions answered about the program

How to Sign Up:

  1. Email and let me know you're in!


  3. Make your payment to me via venmo @Marnie-Lawler or you can send a check to my office (51 Eastern Ave. Essex, MA 01929)



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