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Healthy Aging - Supplemental DHEA and Its Benefits

DHEA supplementation is one of the most well-rounded and validated options for healthy aging due to its multifaceted benefits on so many different systems.

Dehydroepiandrosterone (DHEA) is a hormone produced by the adrenal glands. It serves as a precursor to both male and female sex hormones, including testosterone and estrogen. As we age, DHEA can decline which can contribute to various aging symptoms such as reduced muscle mass, decreased bone density, poor libido, and compromised insulin sensitivity. 

Supplementing with DHEA can bridge the hormonal gap and help reverse unwanted aging manifestations simply by supplementing with the raw material our body needs to support so many systems. 

DHEA supplementation has been studied for various purposes, here are the benefits of DHEA:

  1. Anti-aging effects: DHEA levels decline with age, and research shows that DHEA supplementation may help counteract age-related declines in hormone levels, potentially contributing to overall well-being and vitality in older adults.

  1. Bone health: DHEA has been shown to play a role in maintaining bone density and reducing the risk of osteoporosis, particularly in postmenopausal women

  1. Brain support: numerous studies have showcased DHEA’s ability to enhance mood and alleviating symptoms of depression, as well as better cognitive function, memory and mental clarity, particularly in older adults. 

  1. Libido and sexual function: DHEA is involved in the production of sex hormones, evidence suggests that supplementation may improve libido and sexual function, particularly in individuals with low hormone levels.

  1. Metabolic health: DHEA has been shown to  have beneficial effects on insulin sensitivity and glucose metabolism, potentially helping to manage conditions like type 2 diabetes and metabolic syndrome.

  1. Immune function: DHEA is thought to modulate immune function, and some research suggests that supplementation may help support immune system health and resilience.

  1. Muscle strength and body composition: DHEA plays a role in maintaining muscle mass and strength, as well as promoting fat loss. This is thought to be due to the anti-inflammatory properties of DHEA, which helps reduce chronic inflammation - which is known to cause things like sarcopenia, arthritis, and limited mobility as we age.

  1. Adrenal support: DHEA is produced by the adrenal glands, and supplementation may help support adrenal function, particularly in individuals with adrenal insufficiency or chronic stress.

It's important to note that while DHEA supplementation holds potential benefits, it may not be suitable for everyone. Generally speaking, 10-30 mg/day for women and 20-50 mg/day for men are doses that can offset age related issues when DHEA is low. However, like any hormone, get your labs done because if your levels are normal you will not need to add any more to your body.  


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