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Brazil Nuts and Selenium!

Updated: Jul 18, 2022

Studies have shown having adequate amounts of the trace mineral selenium lowers your risk of

getting cancer, diabetes, and heart disease each by about 30%. It is also essential for proper thyroid function and hormone production.

Selenium can be found naturally in a small handful of Brazil nuts, as well as fish and seafood sources such as yellowfin tuna, sardines, oysters, clams, halibut, shrimp, salmon, and crab. It is also found in chicken, eggs, crimini mushrooms, shiitake mushrooms, lamb, and turkey. You can also supplement with selenium, 200 mcg a day. If you choose to supplement, be sure not to over do it. Higher amounts can have negative side effects. To keep this in check, it is best to get selenium from food!

Brazil nuts are a particularly rich source; just 2–3 a day will provide roughly 200 mcg of selenium. Try adding them to your weekly routine along with the other foods that are rich in selenium.

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