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Roasted Brussels Sprouts with Shallots and Bacon

Updated: Jan 8, 2021

While this recipe adds bacon it can certainly be made without. I do love it with the shallots though! And, if you don't want to roast in a pan on the stove, they can be roasted in the oven at 425℉ for about 25-30 minutes with olive oil. #sides


  • 4 slices of bacon; cut into small pieces

  • 1-2 shallots depending on size; chopped

  • 1.5 pounds of brussels sprouts; washed, trimmed and cut in half lengthwise


  • Heat a 4- to 6 quart heavy pot over low heat and add the bacon. Once it has rendered a few tablespoons of fat, increase the heat to medium and cook until the bacon is a crip golden brown. over medium high heat.

  • Remove the bacon from the pan and set aside.

  • Add the chopped shallots to the bacon fat. Saute until translucent.

  • Add the chopped brussels sprouts to your pot, and stir to get the bacon fat on them. Keep at a high heat and continue to toss as thea cook through. If them seem dry, you can add olive oil to keep them from burning. Cook for about 10 minutes.

  • Add the bacon to the cooked brussels sprouts, transfer to a serving dish and you can add hot pepper flakes and salt to your liking.

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