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Discover the Power of Functional Nutrition

- Addressing the whole person, not a set of isolated symptoms -

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What to Expect

Functional Nutrition

One on One Consulting

Are you sick of the conflicting information about which foods to eat/not eat, or maybe just bouncing from one diet to the next without getting results? Or, maybe you are trying a supplement you read about to help with your brain fog, digestive issues, or joint pain and are not really sure if this is even the right one. I know I could go on with different symptoms many of us live with day to day... the bottom line is, if you're ready to transform your health, then I'm here for you! 

My goal is to help you achieve your highest level of health, all without worrying about what you should be eating, supplementing with, or how you should be exercising.

You can begin this by taking the first step and signing up for a one hour strategy session with me. Let's begin the journey.

Specialties Include

  • Weight loss and Weight Gain

  • Nutrition for Pregnancy (Pre and Post)

  • Resolving Anemias

  • Digestive Issues - IBS, IBD and other gut related issues

  • Immune Health

  • Blood Sugar Regulation and other Metabolic Conditions

  • Speciality Diets - FODMAP, Paleo, Auto-Immune

  • Thyroid Health

  • Male and Female Hormone Issues

I hope you enjoyed browsing through my services, and I look forward to hearing from you soon!

Complimentary Call


Set up a free 15 minute phone consult to discuss your nutrition/health goals



Begin paperwork that I will send via Practice Better and Nutri Q.

This will be covered at the initial consult.

Set Up Initial Consult


At the initial consult we will have an in-depth session discussing your health history, current health status, health goals, diet and lifestyle habits such as food intake, sleep, and stress, as well as medications and supplements. We also discuss the symptom based questionnaire from Nutri Q. This tool helps me dial in to you and your current state of being and can be used in the future to reassess our progress together. (The initial consult can be done in person or via phone, please specify when you make your appointment.)

Personalized Plan


After your initial consult, a personalized plan will be created based on the information collected from our first meeting. This will include action steps based on a diet appropriate for your goals and lifestyle changes tailored to you. Testing recommendations (if appropriate).

Follow Ups and Support


At the initial consult we will also discuss if a package would be most appropriate for you. I have found that follow ups and on-going support are extremely important for success.

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