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Getting started

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Strategy Session - Initial Consult

Your initial strategy session will take approximately 75 minutes (which can be done in person or over the phone).


During this time, your current health concerns, health goals, health history, and food journal will be assessed and discussed. I will hear your story, and we will look at the interactions between lifestyle, diet, and environment and how they may have or currently may be influencing your health. 


We will mutually agree on a plan of action for moving forward to assist you in your health journey, deciding on visits and if laboratory testing is indicated. 

*** Testing is not necessary and is decided upon individually.

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Deeper Dive and

Wellness Plan

After our Strategy Session we will set up your "deeper dive consult." This is where we will dig deeper into the unique person that you are. I use a more comprehensive health history form to get the full details of your health since birth, a dietary habits eating questionnaire, and a Nutri-Q Survey, which is an online questionnaire containing 321 questions based on symptoms you may be experiencing. We will also go over any laboratory testing (if this applies to your plan). 


During this time together we will have a comprehensive discussion of your results and more importantly, set a course of action to help you attain your goals.


This includes dietary changes, lifestyle guidance, and supplementation (if necessary).  A schedule will also be established for regular check ins to monitor progress and ensure that you are able to adopt new ideas and habits, making sure we attain your health goals.

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