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19 Ways to Get You Moving Everyday

Updated: Jan 8, 2021

Make it a habit to move more daily. Many times formal exercise is addressed, but we neglect informal movement for the other 15 hours a day. Which is just as important to our health and longevity. The solution is to get up and move around every hour or so, to keep blood and lymph moving.

Here are 19 tips to make it easier to move throughout the day and make it part of your daily routine!

  1. Drink more water - you will have to find a bathroom :)

  2. Stretch your body throughout the day, even just standing up tall and raising your hands up high will feel great!

  3. Declutter daily, this will help keep you moving and enjoy your space more!

  4. Some of us get so busy we may need to set an alarm for movement breaks

  5. Park farther away from things, like the grocery store, picking up to go food, whatever it may be. Get a bit of a walk in.

  6. If getting take out or a quick coffee, skip the drive through, park and walk in.

  7. When making phone calls to a friend or loved one, go for a walk.

  8. Find a friend to go for a walk or a dog:)!

  9. Get a standing desk if you are sitting at a computer most days of the week

  10. Have walking meetings.

  11. If you are in a formal meeting, get up and stand during some of it, everyone there should be doing this too!

  12. Go for a bike ride for fun, not just for exercise. Go with your kids or a friend if you can make that happen.

  13. Skip the elevator or the escalator and take the stairs.

  14. Do some sort of movement while watching TV; sit ups, crunches, plank, air squats, push ups, anything, it can be your reward to then sit and watch TV.

  15. If you are watching TV, get up during breaks and do a house chore, or every time there is a commercial break do some exercises like mentioned above.

  16. I've been known to stand on one leg in the kitchen while cooking, or brushing my teeth. You can do side leg raises too, as well as back leg raises, Why not? Use your waiting time for something that keeps you moving:)

  17. Plan things with others so you move more. A hike in the woods, walk at the beach, play some paddle or tennis, whatever you choose.

  18. Wear a fitness tracker to see how much you do move.

  19. Outdoor chores will get you moving!

Building in more daily movement is the perfect way to stay healthy and active! But sometimes we get busy and forget, I hope these ideas help you find a way to be more active in your day, your body will thank you for it! #wellnesswednesday


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