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January 2023



When it comes to starting a new year, it's easy to be excited, hopeful, and optimistic...but it's also easy to be overwhelmed, indecisive, and unfocused.


That’s why today is the perfect day to get clear on your new focus for 2023


When you think about the next 12 months, do you know what you want to experience? How do you want to feel? What does your health look like this year?


The biggest mistake most of us make is trying to do too much all at once.


As crazy as it sounds, if you try to change too much, you might end up not changing anything at all.


If you are ready to make real improvements in 2023, these three things will enhance your health in so many ways:

  • Digestion

  • Detoxification

  • Hitting the Reset Button.


Join me in my 28-Day Program, The Reset, where you will learn to eat better, move more, and learn how your unique body works.

You will rewire

your appetite,

turn off cravings,

and find what foods

help you look, feel,

and perform

your best!

All while resetting your

body's innate response to

digest and detox.

Program Details: 

You will get everything you need to succeed:


  • The food plan is an anti-inflammatory diet that supports digestion and detoxification - meal plan provided as well as tips to make your own meal plan

  • There are three phases to this program; which makes it fun and keeps you engaged. 

  • The platform will be online and some in person - through the Better app, where I will send you reminders, worksheets, menu ideas, recipe ideas, handouts etc. to support you

  • We will focus not only on diet during this timeframe, but also lifestyle, movement, stress reduction, sleep and more. 

  • Each week we will focus on a lifestyle habit, that will enhance your health

  • We will explore the Exposome — something you may or may not have heard of:) 

  • We will have 3 in person sessions, during this 28 day program (they will be recorded)

  • An online journal to help keep track of your food and mood (if you choose)

  • Accountability by accomplishing daily tasks

  • Tips for setting goals and staying on track (we know it is hard to be 100% during this time, but getting to 80-90% is better than nothing!)

Sessions will include:

  • Why digestion is priority #1

  • The importance of detoxification and cleaning up what’s in our environment

  • Gut health and how this affects our brain, hormones, and more

  • Products to have in the house and others to get out of the house

  • How stress affects every system in our body, and the surprising things that can cause a stress response…) 


What differentiates this program from others is that you will exit these 28 days armed with an education that will inform you for years to come. 



Program Dates:

  • Deadline to Sign Up: Friday, January 6th 

  • KICK Off MEETING!!! Monday, January 9th

  • PROGRAM START - Wednesday, January 11th

  • END DATE - February 10th

Program Cost:​​

    • Two Options:

      • Without Supplements: $299​

      • With Supplements: $449

(not sure which option is for you?  Sign up and I can help you figure that out)

How to Sign Up:

  1. Email and let me know you're in!

  2. Make your payment to me via venmo @Marnie-Lawler or send a check to my office (51 Eastern Ave. Essex, MA 01929)

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