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An easy way to add collagen and MCT powder to your diet! I use both of these products everyday! 

Collagen can aid in healthy, glowing skin. Research has also shown it can be beneficial to gut and joint health.

MCT powder helps fuel my brain, curbs my appetite and allows me to work out without upsetting digestion. It also keeps me off the insulin roller coaster, I can't imagine starting my day any other way!!!

LMNT Recharge

Electolytes without all the extra stuff!

LMNT is a great tasting electrolyte drink that leaves out the sugar, gluten and fillers. Great tasting and now comes in 3 flavors. 

My favorite is the Citrus Salt, which tastes like a margarita minus the tequila...or maybe on a Saturday night you add your electrolytes to make a healthy cocktail;)!


A convenient one stop shop 

for all your supplement needs!

Click the Fullscript Link and you can buy trusted products at a discounted price.

Please let me know if you have any questions.


Bub's Naturals

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