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Gut Heath Quick Tip Based on GI Map Findings

Do you feel better not eating gluten? It may be due to the composition of your gut bacteria.

Research has shown that people who have low levels of Lactobacillus species and high Pseudomonas have altered digestion of gluten. Lactobacillus actually break down gluten proteins to the point where they are small enough to not bother us. Where as, Pseudomonas break down gluten proteins, although not into small pieces, instead they allow the proteins to cross the intestinal barrier, which contributes to leaky gut. This will show up as inflammation, gluten sensitivity and may even add to your body’s burden and contribute to Celiac Disease.

How do you find out if this is contributing to your body’s inflammation? Contact me to discuss if a GI Map Test would be right for you.

“All disease begins in the gut” ~ Hippocrates

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