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I started this program in April, when we were "Sheltering in Place."It was developed to not only bring people together in a time of uncertainty, but also to bring some normalcy into our lives and create some routine. Sadly, we are still working through all of this and many are struggling with lack of routine and just feel out of sorts, if this is you, then this program is for you! Let's take the lemons we have been dealt and turn them into Lemonade!"

Program Dates and Cost:






You will get everything you need to succeed:

  • Closed Facebook Group for all communication

  • Weekly Live Sessions via Zoom to ask questions as well functional nutrition topics discussed (*see below for previous webinars, I am working on an online portal so people can listen to at your convenience)

    • We will have 5 calls this month. All zoom calls are recorded in case you have to miss the call.

    • Monday, June 1st, 10am - KICK OFF CALL AND GET THINGS ROLLING!

    • Thursday, June 4th, 10am - FUNCTIONAL NUTRITION CALL AND Q&A

    • Monday, June 8th, 10 am - FUNCTIONAL NUTRITION CALL AND Q&A

    • Monday, June 15th, 10 am - FUNCTIONAL NUTRITION CALL AND Q&A

    • Monday, June 22nd, 10 am - FUNCTIONAL NUTRITION CALL AND WRAP UP

  • Meal plan which can be followed to a T, or can be used more loosely depending on you and what is available in the store and in your house

  • Tips for setting goals and staying on track (we know it is hard to be 100% during this time, but getting to 80% is better than nothing!)

  • An online journal to help keep track of your food and mood (if you choose)

  • Accountability by accomplishing daily tasks

  • Handouts on topics discussed

  • Supplement recommendations in regards to topics discussed

  • Blood work suggestions in regards to topics discussed

  • A Group dynamic that can not be described, without being a part of it!!! 

  • Weekly talks on topics that matter to you! 

    • Session 3 Topics
      • ​Liver health and detoxification; is there a better time to detox, etc.
      • Skin health (big topic and many areas to touch on) but will include hives, acne, rosacea, dry skin, bumps on skin, rashes, wrinkles. The reasons they occur and what we can do to mitigate them.  
      • Anxiety, depression and how diet and lifestyle changes can help without medication
      • Still working topic number #4!




Session 1 Topics Covered: ​

  • Immune health in relationship to Covid-19 and other viruses, as well as just general immune health.

  • Supplements regarding immune health, and how diet and lifestyle can enhance or hinder your immune system.

  • Stress in all its forms and how it affects our hormones. Along with that we discussed how these hormone imbalances can rear their ugly head no matter what the age.

  • We also discussed stress, weight gain, and issues with cortisol and insulin. And what we can do to counter balance that!

  • We covered many more topics, but I wanted to give you a glimpse into our last month. 

  • Session 2 Topics:​

    • Hair health (thinning hair, hair falling out) why it happens and what we can do to stop it beyond taking Biotin!

    • Why the microbiome is so important to your health

    • Cellulite, why we get it and ways to reduce it

    • Dive a little bit more into sleep issues (can't fall asleep, waking in the night) why this can happen and what to do about it

    • How B-12 deficiency is epidemic and the havoc it could be causing you

    • Is keto a diet you should try?

    • Thyroid health - big topic but affects so many of us and often at times the Drs. are not doing the right testing- I will explain why this is... and more

    • Bone Health and Brain Health are on the docket too!



Payment can be made via venmo @Marnie-Lawler or you can send a check to my office. Email me

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